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"Stephen and the team at The Slogan Shop far exceeded my expectations.  Stephen quickly understood my vision and tailored the logo and the slogan to the niche market I am targeting.  Stephen also went "above and beyond" to help me create a mascot for the business. Thank you for  your creativity, responsiveness, patience and lightning-quick turn-around!"


Anne Matsuo, Owner, Boo2 Designs 




“Couldn't be more happier with the work done by The Slogan Shop! Stephen managed to find a great slogan for our website, understood from the very first moment what we needed and provided numerous alternatives! Highly recommended!”


The team at




“The Slogan Shop is a great company to work with. They really listened to what we wanted for our business logo and slogan. They came up with a wide variety of logos and slogans to choose from and we worked from there. On each revision they really paid attention to what we wanted by changing thisand moving that, as well as a variety of color options. Their turnaround time for revisions was quick, which we really appreciated as we were trying to get the logo/slogan done for our company in a timely manner. I was very happy with the final logo and slogan that they came up with, and would highly recommend The Slogan Shop to help your business be unique, and stand out among the competition."


Nathalie Arledge. Owner, Armor Electrical




"I was looking for an eye-catching logo and memorable slogan to uniquely identify my company's brand. What I got was even better! Helpful advice regarding colors and designs, superb attention to detail, and an amazing finished product. Pricing was incredibly reasonable and the personalized customer service sealed the deal. Without a doubt, the Slogan Shop far exceeded all of my expectations."



Ian Inman. Principal, Expedition Island



"Professional, creative and excellent results! Stephen and his company far exceeded my expectations and the care and personalized involvement resulted in an excellent product (tagline and logo) and an additional 'Raving Fan.' Thank you Stephen for the outstanding work."


Ken Blankenfeld. Principal, KBCm Group LLC





"The Slogan Shop did an excellent job. Stephen is very good at communication, extraordinary creative and talented in identifying the right image and branding. In the end, not only I got the perfect slogan but also a plethora of valuable ideas. Thanks Stephen!"


Gehad Wahgdy. President,




"For one, The Slogan Shop came up with initial concepts that got us very excited and intrigued within very short order. This team quickly understood the business objectives and what we were trying to accomplish. They also took the time to understand the technology constraints we were dealing with and advised us on what we likely needed to do to get to win-win. The thing I most respect about this provider was the honest and candid, constructive feedback for us to best achieve our business goals. Clearly, his first priority was not to line his own pockets, but to ensure that we were successful. The Slogan Shop creates a partnership relationship versus a win-lose."


Ann Marie Stephens. Owner,




"When starting my business I know I needed to brand my company with the best logo and tagline. After looking at the prices that other people wanted, I about fell out of my chair. When I called the Slogan Shop I was almost a bit leery of using them because their prices seem to be lower than everyone else.


After working with Stephen it was clearly the best decision I have ever made. I not only received a great logo and tagline but, the service was outstanding!!! They were very patient with me on picking the right branding and getting back to me quickly with new ideas. The Slogan Shop wanted what was best for me and what I liked. It was very clear that The Slogan Shop knows exactly what they are doing. I would refer The Slogan Shop to anyone that is starting a new business/brand or looking for that great look!!!"



Mark Tope. Principal, Columbus Entertainment Magazine




"I worked with Stephen of The Slogan Shop to develop a slogan to complete the logo for my medical transcription company. I had spent several unproductive months with the help of family and friends trying to develop a slogan prior to working with Stephen. Once I hired Stephen he spent time on the phone getting to know my business, the image I wanted to portray, and then came up with several creative slogan choices within 2 days. The final decision was not easy until Stephen suggested a different and unique approach that I had not considered. I found Stephen to be a very personal, customer-oriented, and talented professional and would recommend The Slogan Shop to anyone needing to promote their brand."


Naomi Hobson. President, Celtic Transcription Services




"I used The Slogan Shop to create both my logo and slogan and I’m glad I did.  The quality of the work was outstanding and Stephen was a pleasure to work with.  He seems to genuinely care about your best interests and he made a number of intelligent,  proactive suggestions along the way.  I’ll use The Slogan Shop again and I recommend them to anyone who needs brand work done."


Mario Trevilla. Owner, Yellow Deck Corporation 



"Stephen is a professional that you want to use when you're creating your branding strategy. The Slogan Shop is more than a slogan service- you get the right direction to use your slogan in a way that your audience is more involved. Stephen has you dig deep and help you like he's always part of the core team.  He understands how to uniquely position you to execute your plan into sales."


Jacques Laventure. President, JOC Gear



"Stephen at The Slogan Shop is very creative and seems to ask the right questions to get YOU thinking about what you want. He was extremely attentive and came up with some very creative slogans for us as well as helping with our mission statement and USP." 


Mickie Cioccia. Owner, Mickie & Co Realty




"I worked with The Slogan Shop while I was trying to find something “catchy”for the online campaign of my new book "The Instant – The Little Book of Death."  Stephen’s approach wasn’t only very professional but also like a close friend who is trying to help you out for your ultimate success. He came out with several alternatives, touching the right notes from different positioning angles, and very striking at the same time. Choosing the best among the best was a difficult task. Thank you Stephen for your great contribution. I think I’ll start working with you even before I start writing my next book."


Merih Turkdogan. Author, "The Instant– The Little Book of Death"





"Stephen at The Slogan Shop is quick, efficient, and has great ideas for taglines. He created the tagline for my consulting group within 36 hours, still taking time to understand my needs, my industry's verbage, and in the end, provided many alternative taglines. Excellent communication skills combined with a creative mind resulted in a productive collaboration.  I highly recommend The Slogan Shop."




Eve Howard. President, Change The Game Consulting




"Working with Stephen on the Alberest Partners project was a breeze.  He took the time to learn about the project and injected his expertise and creativity during conceptual process. With a brief explanation about the project, he was able to deliver 5 powerful slogan recommendations. He worked fast and efficient.  His professional insight made it easy to pick one solution and gave the project an identity.  I recommend Stephen at the Slogan Shop to anyone trying to differentiate themselves in the market place."


Maria Del Amo. President, Albarest Partners





"The Slogan Shop was able to help provide a slogan for my Medical Consulting business. I received multiple excellent suggestions from Stephen and picked the one that I felt fit my company's vision. I used the slogan at a meeting that evening and people commented to me all night about the slogan. The slogan accomplihsed the goal, business! I would recommend Stephen to anyone who needs his services." 




Thomas Payne. President, Direct Medical Practice Consulting




“I enjoyed working with Stephen and The Slogan Shop on our tagline development project and some new marketing initiatives for our company. With his well-thought out approach, he enabled us to look at our business from a different perspective, and we’ll continue to implement his recommendations in 2010.  Stephen’s strong analytical and creative skills, combined with an entrepreneurial spirit, uniquely positions him as someone who can not only generate ideas, but help you execute against them as well.”


Renato Silvestre. Principal, STRATEGENCE LLC 



"I was collaborating with Stephen from The Slogan Shop on a design project when we began to discuss my current tagline. I was in need of something that could better suit what I (as a designer) am all about.  He quickly gave me several great options to consider and I immediately chose one and incorporated it into my logo. It's a much better than what I had and I'm excited about my new slogan. Thanks for your expertise Stephen!!!!" 


Tricia Josephas. Creative Director, COUTURE Creatives




"I have been working on my corporate identity for my photography business, Showcase Reflections, this past year when I came across Stephen's slogan services. He responded quickly and creatively with a slogan that fits. Thanks Stephen!"


Justina Thorsen.  Professional Wedding Photographer, Showcase Reflections




"Despite a very abstract and challenging concept, Stephen was able to work several rounds of ideas into the perfect name and slogan, and we even nailed the domain name. He is a great thinker and should be considered for any project."


M. Hersh. Lighting Business Owner 



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