Our process is simple and straightforward. Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3


Select the service in the Pricing page


Go to the Pricing page and choose the service or package you'd like. You'll pay securely with PayPal. If you don't have PayPal account, no problem, you can use a major credit card via the PayPal checkout service. We require upfront payments on all individual and package projects. Work commences once the payment is received.


Complete the appropriate brief questionnaire(s) and email it to us


Shortly after sending your payment, you'll receive a personal email from us (not an automated response) along with a quick project brief for you to fill out. Project brief questionnaires are tailored to the nature of the service you've selected. 

These forms are extremely important as they help us streamline the process and work more efficiently. We're also available to schedule a call to discuss your project in greater detail.


If you'd like to get a jump on the process, you can also download our forms here by clicking on applicable one here. Please send completed brief questionnaires to




Receive first options to review, normally within 4-5 business days


Within a few business days, you'll receive several diverse options from which to choose. You'll provide input and revisions will be made if necessary. 


Note: we ask that you always provide specific feedback on work presented. "I don't like it" is vague in the realm of brand development. Detailed comments about exactly what you don't like and why, on the other hand, is helpful and productive. We've found that most successful projects are those based on clear, consistent communication between us and our clients.




Up to 3 total rounds of work for slogans, name and logos.  For name and slogan projects, each round includes approximately 5 alternatives. For logo projects, each round includes 3-4 designs. 

Checking for .com (or any other domain extension) availability, if required in naming projects. 


Trademark filing. For an afforable service, we recommend

Refunds, except if you cancel your order before work commences. 

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