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How does this whole thing work?  What’s the process?


Upon receiving payment, we will send you a project brief document for you to complete.  The project brief is important as it gives up vital background information to begin the creative development process.  If we have any additional questions, we’ll reach out to you to discuss in greater detail.  For more information, please review the How It Works page. 



Do I really need to do that project brief?  Can't we just "wing it?"


The brief helps streamline the entire process and the questions we ask in the brief documents are critical not just for the branding process, but also for your business vision. Many clients have thanked us for sending them the brief as it forced them to think about their business in ways that hadn't previously considered.  Brand development is inherently an iterative process and this process starts with a solid brief from our clients. 


Why are your prices so affordable?  That “XYZ firm" quoted me that three times this!


At The Slogan Shop, you pay solely for our creativity and talent, not for maintaining a bloated overhead or catering to the considerable demands of a large parent company.   As a remote branding boutique, we pass those savings directly on to you.



What if I don’t like the options you send?  Will I have to pay again for more alternatives to review?


Nope. You pay one flat fee for each of our services. If you feel that the options we’ve sent don’t respond to your needs or if you would like to see additional ideas, we will send up to two more rounds of work are included in that fee. In the long run, we’d much rather have you rave about us to your friends and contacts vs. trying to “nickel and dime” you to make a few extra bucks.  



How long does it normally take?



For most projects, you usually receive first options within 4-5 business days once we've received payment and the completed project brief(s). Total project turnaround time will depend on the number of revisions and overall output required. Branding packages obviously will take more time as there are multiple deliverables. 



Some of the other companies I checked out seem to work solely via email.  Can we speak to you during the project if we need to?  


Of course! You can reach us at 1-844-438-4478 or on Skype- username: thesloganshop.  In addition, we’ll always respond to emails at info@thesloganshop with lightning-fast speed. 




Do you provide refunds?


Unless you were to cancel an order before work has actually begun, the answer is "no."  Keep in mind that The Slogan Shop is not a crowd-sourcing "spec" service.  Each and every project is worked on by our core team and we are committed to delivering the results you deserve. 



Do you get a lot of people asking for refunds?  


No, absolutely not. We work closely with our clients to ensure that it's an interactive process.  We get to know your requirements and we ask that you provide constructive criticism and actionable feedback along the way.  This collaboration helps ensure that we deliver work that is consistent with your needs and expectations.  




Will I get full ownership of the work you produce?


Yes.  All of our projects are “for hire” meaning that you will own the intellectual property rights to the name, slogan/tagline, logo etc that you chose.  




My stuff if confidential.  Can you sign a confidentiality or NDA agreement?


Absolutely. If confidentiality is an issue for you, we’re happy to sign an NDA and we will always respect your confidentiality in the process.  




I don’t have a Paypal account. Can I just pay with a credit card?


Yes, the Paypal system accepts credit card payments, even if you don’t have a Paypal account.  



Any other ways to pay?


Bank transfers are acceptable as well. Bank details provided upon request. 



This sounds great, but I’m still nervous.  Can I just pay you afterwards?


No, we charge for our work upfront and offer partial refunds as previously described.   Since our work, particularly the naming and slogan creation, is mostly word based, we would have absolutely no protection if we just sent off the next “Just Do It” to you without having been paid anything.  




Do you only develop slogans, names, logo designs etc. for just businesses. 



No!  We've done work for politicians, authors, filmmakers, life coaches, lawyers...just to name a few. These projects are exciting and always welcomed here at The Slogan Shop




Do you work with international clients?


Certainly. We've worked with over fifteen countries over the years. Although we're based in the US, we have extensive experience in global branding and we love our overseas clients! 

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