Stephen Conley. Founder & Creative Director


Stephen has headed up the creation of hundreds of brands of all kinds around the world. He loves them all equally as if they were his children. Recently, when walking around Whole Foods, he saw a massive product display for Cocozia, a coconut water drink he named. He stared whimsically at the display, which was a bit strange, but such is life for a "brand guy." 


In addition to running The Slogan Shop, Stephen founded and oversees Gisteo, a pioneer in the  explainer video space. Gisteo’s animated videos “get to the gist” of what a brand, product or service all about and the company has created over 1,000 of its engaging, entertaining videos to date.  


After many years in the ad agency world, working on some of the best brands in the US, Latin America and Europe, Stephen weaned himself off the cozy corporate teat in 2009 to venture out on his own on several diverse endeavors. The most common question he asks himself now is: "Why didn't I do this earlier?"


Stephen is passionate about the advertising and branding world. He inhales marketing books and blogs more than most people watch Netflix. He has taught his love for the business at the Miami Ad School where his students have won numerous national and international creative awards under his tutelage.


Stephen holds Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Colorado and an MBA from The Thunderbird School of Global Management. He’s fully fluent in Spanish, both spoken and written. He is continually intrigued by the sheer number of people who are tripped up by this spelling of his first name and refer to him as “Steffen.” The good news: no one has a hard time with “Steve.”

Kit Oliynyk. Art Director & Lead Designer


Originally from the Ukraine, Kit has over a decade of diverse experience as a graphic designer at ad agencies, fashion magazines and newspapers.  Although he now lives in Columbia, MD, Kit’s European background is certainly evident in his elegant design work and keen eye for colors.   Kit is never short on ideas and firmly believes in the potential of every project to be extraordinary. He prides himself on his quick turnaround times and exceptional organizational capabilities.  


He is passionate about the world of branding and is constantly adding new skills to his creative "arsenal."  He’s an expert in Adobe Creative Suite 5 (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat Pro, Dreamweaver) and QuarkXPress.  He’s also an experienced web designer with advanced HTML, DHTML, CSS and JavaScript knowledge. 


Kit is fluent in three languages and has degrees in Fine Arts & Design as well as a Masters in Information Technology and Management .

Ignacio Valle. Writer & Graphic Designer


Ignacio's passion for what he does is quite an interesting story. When he was a kid, he felt the urge to fill every single white space around him with ideas….and more ideas. And this insatiable impulse got him in trouble many times, especially the day when he “expressed his creativity” all over the neighbor’s brand new kitchen walls.


To avoid situations like this from continually reoccurring, Ignacio decided to work in advertising.  In 1990, he was invited to intern as a copywriter at McCann Erickson Madrid. After working at this agency, he continued fueling his passion iand honing his skills in Spain at agencies such as ETC, Artika, C&C and IVG. 


He later crossed the pond and came to the US, where he worked in multicultural advertising (Hispanic, African-American and the general market) for top firms such as Publicis Sanchez &Levitan Miami, Publicis Bromley Miami, Univision Online Miami, GlobalHue Detroit, Y&R Miami and GlobalHue New York. 


Ignacio has earned countless industry awards for his dedication, passion and creativity over the years.  He’s rare find in the advertising world in that he’s worked as both a copywriter and a graphic designer/art director.  The ability to craft beautiful sentences and articulate compelling concepts while having keen design skills has served him well on the way to becoming a well-rounded creative director in the industry.  


Ignacio holds a Degree in Advertising from CENP (Spain), a Degree in Business Administration from the Complutense University (Spain), and has studied graphic and web design courses at New York's School of Visual Arts. He lives with his wife in St. Augustine, FL,  surrounded by lots of white sheets of paper.

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