The Slogan Shop is a branding boutique specialized in crafting company names, slogans, logos and more.   


You won't find any bureaucracy, bloated prices or BS here- just powerful ideas to help your business, product or service cut through the clutter.   

Since 2009, we've created, reinvented or enhanced brands for hundreds of organizations across the world, all at an affordable price. 

What does your brand stand for?  Let us help you tell the world. 


You've likely come across a lot of hand-scratching options while doing research for a name, slogan or logo.  On one hand, you’ve got the agencies with their convoluted processes and obscene prices. On the other hand, there's the low ballers offering services for pennies on the dollar or those impersonal crowdsourcing sites that overpromise and underdeliver.


At The Slogan Shop, we feel your pain. That's why we offer high-quality, hand's on professional work with completely transparent pricing. Our process is simple and straightforward, designed to eliminate the unnecessary fluff. Our flat fees are displayed upfront and we work closely with you to ensure that you’re ecstatic with the finished product. No games. No nonsense.  Just smart, effective creativity at a fair price. 



The first and best advertisement you'll ever create for your brand is its name, logo and slogan.  When done properly, these elements create a synergistic effect and are a reflection of the DNA or essence of your organization. They become your identity, your heart and soul and the voice of your brand.  So it all starts here for us and that's our primary focus at The Slogan Shop. While we're happy to work with you on additional services such as content development or  explainer video production, we never recommend this until this first critical step is accomplished and your brand has a powerful foundation upon which to build.

 Name creation

A memorable name is critical for any product or organization. The right name can be a powerful tool for your business, while the wrong one can be disasterous. 


 Slogan writing

You need a slogan that helps you stand out from the crowd and break through the clutter.  A strong slogan can speak volumes about your brand and form a priceless part of your brand identity. 


 Logo design

Logos communicate both visually (through appearance) and emotionally (through symbolism). A professional logo serves as the "face" of your brand and can be a powerful differentiator. 


Below is just a taste of our work with a brief description what services we provided. Many more examples here

Manufacturer and distributor of premium coffee equipment. What we did: name (including .com) and slogan.


Line of organic coconut water drinks sold at Whole Foods and other health food retailers. What we did: name (including .com) and slogan.

Benefits Ally

Firm specialized in helping companies find smart solutions to reduce healthcare costs. What we did: name (including .com), slogan and logo.

Precise Portions

Company offering a complete line of portion control products. What we did: name (including .com), slogan and logo.


Complete skincare and haircare product line. What we did: name (including .com) and slogan.


Organic aloe vera drink sold at Whole Foods and other health food retailers. What we did: name (including .com) and slogan.

Dubai-based frozen yogurt brand. What we did: name, slogan and logo.

Online marketplace that matches contractors offering their services with people seeking help with odd jobs. What we did: name (including .com) and slogan.


Website marketplace for freelance, on demand coders. What we did: name (including .com).

Company specialized in providing water filters for drinking water and showers. What we did: name (including .com) and slogan.


Service offering expert IT candidate screening. What we did: name (including .com) and logo.


Miami-based firm offering luxury car rentals. What we did: name (including .com).


"Getting branding done professionally  on a budget can be a challenge when starting a venture. What these guys delivered is truly original and surpasses expectations. Gladly, I am convinced that the result is by far better in quality and original creativity as anything else out there." 

Greg Cassagne


Vendome Consulting 

"The Slogan Shop has an artistic expertise for slogan and logo design that is the simply the best in this arena. Stephen and his staff have a unique ability to create words and designs that make an impact and difference with others. Highly recommendable.  Amazing work!"

Ken Blankenfeld

Principal & COO 

KBCm Group

"Professional, Creative and Excellent results! The Slogan Shop exceeded my expectations and the care and personalized involvement resulted in an amazing product along with one more 'Raving Fan'. Thank you to The Slogan Shop  for the outstanding results!

Sheryl Burke


Sheryl Burke Law

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Line of organic coconut water drinks sold at Whole Foods and other health food retailers. What we did: name (including .com) and slogan.