The Slogan Shop is a branding boutique specialized in crafting slogans, taglines and names. Since 2010, we've helped brands for hundreds of organizations better express themselves without breaking the bank. 



You've likely come across a lot of options while doing research for a name or tagline.  Most are obscenely expensive and take weeks. Freelancers on Fiverr from faraway lands are cheap but...less than ideal.  At The Slogan Shop, we feel your pain. Honestly, we probably could charge more but this is fun and we love helping companies with short-form content. That's why we offer high-quality work with 100%  transparent pricing. Our process is fast, simple and straightforward, designed to eliminate unnecessary fluff. No nonsense. No games.  Just smart, effective creativity at a fair price. 



DuraFlask | Product naming project
We were tasked to come up with a clear, descriptive name for a new line of heavy-duty, high-quality water flasks (think Yeti). DuraFlask delivers the good. Order yours today on Amazon!
Tressential | Company and product line naming project naming project
The manufacturers of this line of hair products needed a name for their company and flagship products which are infused with essential oils. They wanted a name that would communicate that it was hair and speak to the essential oils. Oh, and it needed to be available as a dotcom. It's safe to say that we delivered a winning name that has now become a successful brand.
Banco Sabadell | Slogan writing project
When launching in the US market, Sabadell need to communicate their traditional values while projecting innovation. The slogan we created nails Sabadell's value proposition.
COCOZIA® | Product naming and slogan writing project
The makers of this 100% organic coconut water drink came to us wanting a strong name that spoke to its coconut water roots. Funky name, welcomed. COCOZIA® was born!
Vivi | Tagline writing project
Vivi is a new video conferencing platform that takes the Zoom cocktail hour to the next level. The company needed to encapsulate the notion that it's the next best thing to actually being there. Bingo!
Café Artiste | Produce naming and slogan writing project
The makers of a new line of high-end French press coffee products needed the perfect name and slogan to help them stand out among the coffee connoisseur crowd. This Café Artiste name is sticky and the slogan "Brewing Perfection" elevates the brand even more.



A memorable name is critical for any product or organization. The right name can be a powerful tool for your business, while the wrong one can be disastrous. 



You need a slogan that helps you stand out from the crowd and break through the clutter.  A strong slogan can speak volumes about your brand and form a priceless part of your brand identity. 


Gisteo, our sister company, creates best-in-class explainer videos that cut through the complexity and better connect with your audiences.. Click the link below to check to visit our site.  



Ready to get started? Great, so are we. Our straightforward pricing structure is below. Simply click "Buy Now" to purchase one of our packages below. After completing payment, you'll need to fill out a project brief form on our Get Started page for either your slogan/tagline or naming project. If you're selecting the naming + slogan together, you only need to complete the naming brief. 







Includes 7-10 options for your consideration. 

1 round of revisions for up to 5 additional options based on feedback.

No refunds after work begins.







Includes 7-10 options for your consideration. 

1 round of revisions for up to 5 additional options based on feedback.

No refunds after work begins.


Naming + Slogan

(Save $49)




Includes 7-10 options for your consideration for both naming and slogan writing stages.

1 round of revisions for up to 5 additional options for both naming and slogan writing. 

No refunds after work begins.



"Getting branding done professionally  on a budget can be a challenge when starting a venture. What these guys delivered is truly original and surpasses expectations. Gladly, I am convinced that the result is by far better in quality and original creativity as anything else out there." 

Greg Cassagne


Vendome Consulting 

"The Slogan Shop has an artistic expertise for slogans. They are simply the best in this arena. Stephen and his staff have a unique ability to create words that make an impact and difference with others. Highly recommendable.  Amazing work!"

Sheryl Burke


Sheryl Burke Law

"Professional, Creative and Excellent results! The Slogan Shop exceeded my expectations and the care and personalized involvement resulted in an amazing product along with one more 'Raving Fan'. Thank you to The Slogan Shop  for the outstanding results!

Ken Blankenfeld

Principal & COO 

KBCm Group




Founder & Creative Director

Stephen Conley

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Stephen isn't a great cook. He's mediocre at math. And he's a so-so athlete. But he's freakishly good at creating brands and giving them a voice. Over the past decade, he's overseen the naming of hundreds of companies, products, apps and more. He's helped even more organizations summarize their essence in the form of smart, catchy slogans and taglines.  Last but not least, his day job at Gisteo is dedicated to helping businesses better explain their value proposition with engaging videos that "get to the gist" of what they do, sell or offer. 


Since launching in 2011, Gisteo has produced over 1,700 explainer videos for big and small companies worldwide. Gisteo has grown from start-up idea born on a messy kitchen table to becoming a leader in the explainer video production space. Before all this, he spent 15 years as an adman working at some of the best ad agencies in the world.  So, yeah, he's kind of like a modern-day Don Draper...just without the smoking, boozing, womanizing and fancy Manhattan apartment.


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It's crazy when you try to contact a company about an important service and they take days to get back to you. When you contact The Slogan Shop, always expect a lightning fast response.

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