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Slogan writing

As our name indicates, one of our specialties here at The Slogan Shop is indeed the slogan. Our clients call us referring to it in a variety of ways: advertising slogan, company slogan, business slogan, catch phrase, punch line, endline, claim, tagline, tag line, pay-off…No matter how you prefer to call this line or what you do, we’ll pour every ounce of our passion into meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations.  

Name creation

Our team will help you create company of business name to ensure that this vital element of you brand is catchy, representative of your offering and relevant to your target audience. If you need a compelling name, including securing an available url, you've come to the right place.  

Logo design

We take the same approach in creating logos as when developing slogans and names.  We ask you questions to better understand your brand and your needs and then we go to work. We have extensive experience developing logos for companies of all sizes and types.


Important note on logos: our fee does not include custom character design or mascots.  For these projects, an extra change of $150 will apply.  Contact us if this is what you require and we will send you a Paypal Merchant invoice for the total fee.  











Name + Slogan




Slogan + Logo




Name + Logo




"The Works:"

Name + Slogan + Logo




Up to 3 total rounds of work for slogans, name and logos.  For name and slogan projects, each round includes approximately 5 alternatives. For logo projects, each round includes 3-4 designs. 

Checking for .com (or any other domain extension) availability, if required in naming projects. 


Trademark filing. For an afforable service, we recommend

Refunds, except if you cancel your order before work commences. 


In addition to the above services, The Slogan Shop also provides a variety of ad hoc services, including website copywriting, content creation and website design.  Contact us to further discuss your needs and we'll provide you with a quote.

You should also consider taking your brand to the next level with an animated explainer video produced by Gisteo, our sister company.  Gisteo creates custom animated explainer videos “get to the gist” of what your company, product or service is all about. Our animated videos will put your value proposition on steroids, create “aha!” moments and help you cut through the clutter. Watch the 90 second intro video below or visit Gisteo now for more information.  

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